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January 28th, 2015 at 11:20 PM

Wherefore art thou, Leland Yee case?

I just got to wondering about the strange person in our legislature, Leland Yee. No one could predict how he would vote. We know why, now. He was waiting for someone to pay him a satisfactory price.

We will always find these types in government. They believe that their highest goal is to enrich themselves and their cronies at taxpayer expense. Think Dick Cheney, think Chris Christie. Christie was manipulating granite distributors to favor a family business. Christie thinks he a gawdfadda or something. I think the “Godfather” movies helped destroy America. No matter how cold the decision, everyone can claim that “it’s just business” with impunty.

Well, it’s not “just business.” Business is a normal and regular part of an agriculture-based society. Business is just one part of human interaction and cooperation. Business ideas are not excuses to steal from your neighbor or trick hir. Business law and practice provides a structure for a person to exchange their knowledge with others for a reasonable profit.

The problem is that no one will adhere to a school of thought that grounds business transactions within a framework of human ethics.
The problem is that no one will define a reasonable profit.
The problem is that no one will define a reasonable profit because everyone wants to be able to profit without limit. Or something like that.
The problem is that the poor have a hard time understanding the destructive power of the actions of the rich. The rich can never have enough money. Someone has a bigger yacht, off go the also-rans to get ahead of hir.
The problem is that someone like Chris Christie or Leland Yee can indulge themselves in some deep dark dirty dealings and only one has been indicted.
The problem is that people think that someone like Leland Yee is representative of the views of the Democratic Party as a whole. Rather, the opposite is true. Someone like Leland Yee is for sale to the highest bidder. He’s not a Democrat, and he shouldn’t be a Republican either. He should declare who pays his bills. Maybe wear a sash. Paul Ryan, Senator from Goldman Sachs.
The problem is that the Republican Party is a parody of a party. They have set back our human evolution far more than the 60 years they have been stealing away the people’s power.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the most recent update on the Leland Yee case is dated November 14, 2014. Really?

Here’s what they said then:

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge has put the racketeering and political corruption case against suspended state Sen. Leland Yee on a fast track to trial.

Doing some pre-Thanksgiving carving of the government’s sprawling indictment against Yee and 28 other defendants, U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer on Wednesday set a timetable for a trial early next year that focuses solely on the political corruption charges against the disgraced Democratic legislator and a handful of cohorts linked to his alleged wrongdoing.

Given that most of the defendants in the case are accused in a separate racketeering charge connected to reputed Asian organized crime figure Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow and his Chee Kung Tong organization, Breyer decided it would be more efficient to break off the influence-peddling part of the case.

All I can say is that Leland Yee has some pretty goldarn good lawyers.

In case you question my facts, I will link them within their sentences.

Linking Yee’s votes to donations.


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