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Please send an email to deborah at Skype ID AnsibleTax (Please excuse primitive contact page. Site under revision March 1, 2014.) more »

Tax Education; Financial, Economics, and Real Estate Background

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My financial experience and education I took my first economics course in high school and received an A grade. I began my career at a consumer bank in 1973. The next ...more »

CTEC Certificate 2014

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View a copy of my current California Registered Tax Preparer certificate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             certificate.                       Go here to view a copy of my current California Registered Tax Preparer certificate.                                         more »

Big firm technology, personal service

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By Deborah Lagutaris December 18, 2012 Personal service People often ask me for "the final answer" in my role as a tax practitioner. Truth is, is that there IS no final answer. Tax ...more »

Registered Tax Return Preparer; Certifications, Coursework, and Licensing

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Ms. Lagutaris is an active tax practitioner. She is enrolled in the LLM Taxation Program, a post-law degree at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. She just finished a course in Partnership Taxation at the top ...more »

Tax preparation experience makes the difference

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By Deborah Lagutaris December 28, 2012 Of course you can go to H&R Block for your tax preparation needs. There you will pay more for work performed by a person who may ...more »

Tax Preparation Services Online Deborah Lagutaris

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Deborah Lagutaris, B.A., J.D., LLM (Taxation) Candidate 2014 Tax Preparation Services Online It is possible for me to work with you completely online should you so desire. You will be provided with a ...more »

Ansible Tax Service Fees & Specials

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I look forward to the challenges of seeking solutions to your problems, and gaining your trust in the process. Maximize your refund Minimize your bill Get caught up Contact me today! See the ...more »
    1. Write today to set an appointment, either in person or online!
  • Pay later! See options!

    You may finance my engagement fees through Bill Me Later to get a reasonable credit arrangement that you can pay off any time.

    Fees are posted here on the site and are reasonable. I keep my fees low by taking a retainer up front. This gives me the freedom to focus on your matter.

    Sliding-scale requests are considered for people who have experienced severe disadvantages or hardships.

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