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My financial experience and education

I took my first economics course in high school and received an A grade. I began my career at a consumer bank in 1973. The next year, I took my first tax preparation course. At the bank, I found myself drawn to the auditing functions. My ambition and curiosity drove me to take accounting and financial analysis courses so I could qualify for the management training program with the Bank. In 1981, as I joined the program, one of our typical recessions struck. In order to use me most effectively, my supervising officers sent me out to over twenty problem branches to audit or fix errors and streamline processes during that time.

Questions about monetary policy needed answers, as far as I was concerned. When Mexico devalued the peso by a factor of ten in the mid-1980s, I undertook a research project to help me understand the underlying factors. I prepared a speech to give to my fellow bankers on the topic.

In 1985 I took a course on International Money Markets at UC Riverside, earning an A grade.

In the late 1980s I obtained my Real Estate sales license and my Broker’s License in 1991. As you may know, eight college real estate and financial courses are required for this License. I retain my license to this day.

I began to watch CNBC each morning in an attempt to predict where interest rates might go in the near future. This daily attendance encouraged me to learn more about stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. I became a sophisticated stock-picker with a very good record. I stopped all that after the third crash wiped me out again.

I received an AA in Business from BakersfieldCollege in 1997 and returned to college full-time in 1998 at UC Santa Barbara. There, I took micro-macro economics, statistics, and data analysis. I also served as the Executive Assistant to the Deans of the Summer Sessions program, where I used my analytic skills on a daily basis. I graduated cum laude and with Distinction in the Major of Law and Society.

I went on to UC Hastings, where I took elective courses in such areas as trademark law, law and economics, international trade law, and corporations. I graduated in 2004. I hoped to serve as a white-collar crime prosecutor.

Please see my new blog website: to view my newest project. My other economic and sociopolitical work can be found at, a nom de plume site.

I have read scores of books on monetary policy, economics, political economy and sociology. There are very few concepts that I do not grasp quickly. If answers aren’t easy to find, I know where to go.


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